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    Quote Originally Posted by 35YrsAfter View Post
    Nearly all doctors and researchers agree that male pattern baldness is based upon a man's inherited genetic predisposition. Identical twin studies show that cigarette smoking, sunburn, and stress for example can exacerbate hair loss, but genetics are the main factor in the development of androgenic alopecia.
    By that logic, every health problem is potentially "genetic" so we shouldn't bother getting to the cause of it and should just give up as if there is nothing we can do about it?

    Baldness is not a condition that's isolated to your scalp, it's a side effect of a bigger problem that's happening in your body otherwise you wouldn't see such big differences in hormonal profiles, cholesterol levels, insulin levels, risks for heart disease and prostate cancer between balding and non-balding people. Obviously those problems aren't caused by your receding hairline, rather it's the other way around.

    Baldness is triggered by the surrounding environment just like the majority of health problems. Some people are more prone to the poisons in our environment(that's us!), while some seem to be immune to them for a while but eventually they do catch up to them as they age.

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