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    Quote Originally Posted by topcat View Post
    If you want to add a food to your diet that is truly anti catabolic while being highly anabolic then I would suggest raw pastured butter. Raw butter……….straight from the cow, churned and into the container it goes. For most this would seem to be so odd but what they don’t understand is that nobody makes money from raw pastured butter at least not anything above a reasonable amount of profit. So instead you get protein powder which has a long shelf life and can generate huge amounts of profit as it can be mass marketed. You got a choice an isolate which removes the fat and drastically raises your insulin levels while having very little nutritional value as all the fat has been removed or the concentrate that still has the fat but has been heated high enough to oxidize the valuable fatty acids including cholesterol making it more a burden to the body then a healing agent. Not to mention all the estrogens and antibiotics contained in the original milk of both types.

    Raw butter is like the highly skilled fue doctor that the majority of the population never hears about and protein powder is like the robotic system that gets all the press. It’s exactly like that just like many other products that are mass marketed, chemotherapy, SSRI’s, radiation, angioplasty, etc. Mass marketing is purely about profit not about what is best for you…………………learn from people that care about what they are doing and eat butter.
    Hey Topcat. I've seen in another thread that you also are a proponent of large quantities of garlic and eggs. I think you may have also mentioned that you were working on a book or something along those lines. You seem to have well informed views on nutrition so it would be great if you could elaborate a bit further or suggest some resources for us curious folks!

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    There is so much to write and so much one needs to know to actually put all the pieces of the puzzle together if one’s goal is health and being able to perform. Yes looking better is nice but feeling great is much nicer. Not having all these aches and pains along with health issues I see those around me having is really what it’s all about at least for me. Part of success is not dying of cancer or some other disease at a young age because one simply lacked the knowledge and that’s the thing, too many depend on experts who are too often just going with the flow as they have become part of a bigger system.

    You can go back through time say the last 50-100 years or so and you will find some type of supplement or gimmick whatever you want to call it that is the next fountain of youth or health elixir. For many of these young guys they firmly believe for example that whey protein is one of them today. Are you going to convince a group of young guys that have been thoroughly conditioned by a consistent bombardment of images that whey protein does not equal health? Information systems tend to take control and those systems are usually controlled by those selling the image and then once you have kind of a group think as the herd is easily led you know have generated a belief but it does not necessarily mean that it true. Numbers of believers does not determine truth and that is an important point. It’s also sometimes why I will listen to the view of maybe the one crazy person and investigate further………………..you don’t know until you thoroughly investigate and sometimes that includes trial and error.

    Some facts of whey protein are that at one time cheese companies use to have to pay to have it hauled away as it was considered waste. Until that one guy thought about just heating it all up and drying it which left a powder……………hmmmmm……………..the aha moment. Back in the day the guys that were fighting it out, Hoffman, Weiders, Rheo Blair, etc were using strictly egg, milk and the least expensive but hardest to digest soy based formulas. Easy money and not only did they own the products but they owned the information systems that educated the public on the benefits…………….hmmmm…………….kind of a conflict………………….it’s okay if one can stay true but not everyone can do that.

    Back to whey……………..that was a like a dream…………..very cheap and easy to digest which was a very big issue for some of that previous crap. I know I purchased that my first box from Hoffman back in 75-76 and my stomach hurt so bad, tremendous gas and diarrhea but you know what I kept drinking it……………..lol…………………..now that is marketing.

    The problem with whey is this…………………the nutrition is in the fat but when you heat something that has fat and cholesterol in it high enough to obtain a powder you oxidize the cholesterol that is very bad for your body and does not promote health…………..just the opposite. When you remove the fat which would give you the whey isolate you remove the real nutrition which would be the fat……………..what you now have is zero nutrition along with something that is going to spike your insulin levels. You do not want to be doing that because once again that does not promote health and does just the opposite.

    People have this misinformed idea that eating fat makes you fat. It simply does not work that way.

    This is merely one example of something that would be very important to know at it’s not the facts as I state them it’s the point of why did I believe that I needed to drink this crap in the big plastic container to begin with, this is what one needs to understand and it applies to many other things. Why do people believe they need statins or a lot of other crap?

    Actually the best advice I could give to anyone regarding health is that you need to read hundreds and hundreds of books even thousands. Heath information has become heavily about marketing and marketing does not necessarily equate to health. Books tend to be a one shot deal so chances are you are going to get more truth……………….not always but the odds are in your favor.

    When it comes to health and nutrition empirical evidence it the best indicator. What works that has been proven over time through observation. My grandmother use to say you put butter on a burn………………I always use to laugh to myself…………listen to this old woman what does she know that sounds completely nuts when all these medications are available…………………but if you look at the empirical evidence and you understand the difference between say store bought butter and raw butter…………..then you might start to say to yourself………………..this makes complete sense.

    We recently had to hammer the state law makers here in Illinois with e-mails and phone calls as there were groups trying to ban raw milk sales again. Seriously why does anyone care if a very small group of people prefer to buy directly from the farmer a product they believe is health promoting. It probably represents .0001% of the local population. I will tell you why………………..I bought my first order of grass fed only beef must be over 20 years ago……………….it came in the mail by Fed Ex as the product was not available locally. Look at where that same product is today 20 years later……………….not completely entrenched but many more are aware and that is how it starts…………..one person at a time and those at the top don’t like that too much……………..perfect example would be GMO………………..how does it hurt anyone to know which products are GMO or not……………..sounds like having more information would be better…………………………not so much for those selling the crap.

    I could sit here and write page after page but people don’t want to read page after page. They want to see the picture……………….tell them what product to use……………………doesn’t work that way. It’s akin to preventing cancer by having someone stick a finger up your ass once a year……………….lol…………….I mean really……………….that’s about generating recurring income like in product sales not about preventing cancer…………………………preventing cancer is about read page after page of good information.

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    It’s better in my opinion to explain concepts as opposed to telling somebody to do A then B. My wife is visiting her family in the Balkans and when we last spoke she told me about all the poor farmers at the market hoping to sell what they brought for the day. Makes her feel so bad that she wants to buy it all so they can all go home and be happy. Right now it’s berry season and she purchased 2 lbs of strawberries for about 30 cents, certainly not going to make anyone wealthy. My first comment to her was that someone needs to explain to these small local farmers you cannot make money selling perishable foods, berries, tomatoes, watermelons etc everyone knows money is to be made in growing commodities. Commodities can be traded and stored. This does not make them healthy but we are speaking strictly of making money here. But I think one can make a compromise and I told her they should look into maybe growing cocao beans, coffee beans, or similar type products as they can be stored and traded which makes all the difference.

    The American food system is strictly commodity driven even the perishable foods have been manipulated in such a way to give them a longer shelf life, whether it’s pasteurized milk or taking that same anitbiotic and hormone loaded milk and turning it into a whey powder and slapping a label on it of some guy with muscles. Tell the public the processing is for their safety, they don’t know any better and certainly are not going to research it. Once you understand this simple concept to begin with you can look at what you are seeing a little differently. But this is only the tip of a very, very big iceberg.

    You are often given information in a way that benefits someone’s bottom line. For instance I eat a tremendous amount of eggs as I know cholesterol is very beneficial to the body. All one needs to do is read all the available research and evidence. But here is the thing, the blood vessels in the human body do not have receptors for cholesterol but they do have receptors for oxidized cholesterol. So when you see people eating all this boxed crap that is loaded with dried powders be it dairy or egg the cholesterol is thoroughly oxidized. So how come you don’t hear about it? Because being truthful usually doesn’t make anyone any money. Are all these people with heart disease eating loads of eggs……………….no……..they are eating the boxed crap. Only one example of hundreds and hundreds of facts of misinformation.

    Put down the magazine........ hard copy or online and pick up a book

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    I’m not sure if this picture will show up but the first one is when I was about 30 or so. I used plenty of supplements and had already been training for about 16-17 years. I Really thought I knew what I was doing, competed in drug free powerlifting but never placed. It took me a very long time to and figure things……………..lots of wasted effort because most of the information I was reading was crap I just didn’t know it and I have always been a reader. It was only through sticking with that consistent reading and learning the truth eventually that I was able to make progress. It’s only now at 52 the second picture where I know enough to actually achieve a condition that is better than the picture shows in the coming months. And it was only in my late 40’s that I started to set some records in powerlifting. I don’t use supplements………………I use food………………..what the body was meant to consume……………and figuring out the food part did not come easy either.

    Just like many others I confused marketing with information and that applies to many things be it hair transplantation, general medicine, nutrition, fitness, etc. I could have saved myself so much time, money, stress and aggravation if only I had that information or knew someone that could advise me. This is in fact why it’s important for me to pass on what I know to others…………….my experience should not go to waste. Good information can be very hard to find especially when you need it most for instance a medical condition. Always good to surround yourself with honest people as that circle usually has the right answer for you if needed or they know someone in their circle.

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    You almost have to suspend your belief system to really get at what works and what is the truth. For instance doctors are only taught what they are suppose to know and only practice the way the rules are put together. Who puts the rules together and who decides what they are taught?

    Marketers only sell what is profitable and always move towards that which is higher in profit.

    Nutritional supplement marketers are probably not doing as much harm as doctors but it still is based on driving profits.

    The ladies are out in full force today here in Chicago…………..walking for breast cancer. But who are they walking for……………where does all that money go and who controls that system. Most people don’t care and rightfully so………..for what reason. Until that moment comes when they need to depend on that system……..now what does one do………..not much of a choice give me the radiation and chemo is there something better…………..do you even know?

    Who sponsors the American Dietetic Association……………….look it up does it make any logical sense. You need to control the information system as that is part of marketing. Have you ever seen what they serve in a hospital………….does it make any logical sense. Their idea of rehab is to hook up a glucose drip……sugar straight into the blood stream and here start taking these pills.

    I eat a fairly large amount of cholesterol/ saturated fat…………….is that good or bad? You have an image in your mind……………..where did that image come from……………why do you believe this? Have even read one book on the subject? I can answer that for you……………..you actually know zero, you only know what the marketers have told you and that is the extent of knowledge for most people.

    You know what is great about saturated fat. It is very stable and has a very long natural shelf life as it doesn’t generate free radicals. Now unsaturated fat is very unstable and generates huge amounts of free radicals, it’s like a toxin often needing to be bleached and deodorized. But how do you sell all these grain oils which are highly profitable and have them in all the products on the shelf if they are bad for you. Simple control the information system.

    So to sum up this particular concept, those that generate the most profit are able to control more of the message. This is not a problem for most until that day comes when they themselves are harmed by this type of setup and for most it’s only a matter of time.

    I would say for the amount of time I spend outside my skin looks good when compared to others in my age group. It’s almost like all this very stable saturated fat comes through the skin to help protect it. Imagine what that concept would do the cosmetic industry, specifically skin creams. Many industries almost seem to feed off one another.

    Diesel don't be offended by the way I write. I write the way I would speak to myself if I was able to confront myself at 20+. I would try to wake myself up even if I had to bodyslam myself to the ground. And the fact is I would easily be able to do it because I am stronger, faster, have more stamina and energy at 52 then I ever did at 22.

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    During nutrition water is very common thing to use. In 2018 i was in that situation and i the very first thing i need to do bought a water filter. And i still remember i get from https://bestosmosissystems.com/best-...r-hydroponics/ because its clear instructions and user friendly.

    So, I will suggest you to pay high attention on water because its first need of our body. I hope you will follow all other steps strictly and on time.

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