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    A temporary concealer actually needs real hair so that the powder of fibers featured inside the formula can adhere to the scalp. This is why you will benefit from a concealer more if you have a decent amount of hair still sporting on your head. So, Concealer would be best if you already have thin hair but wants to give them fuller look. Market is full of many brands, you need to be careful while choosing one by keeping in mind to match perfect colour. Plus be ready to add lot of restrictions to your lifestyle!!!
    SMP would be kind of permanent solution, you need to almost shave off your head before, but almost all restriction will be gone. The use of SMP has a great value to augment a hair transplant in the many patients who do not have enough hair to undergo a hair transplant. Personally I would prefer SMP if I don’t have enough hair for good coverage.
    For some head to head comparison, SMP pigment is deposited under the skin, at 1 mm, and with concealer, it's put above the skin. Concealer on the skin would take away some shininess; otherwise if it's under the skin like in real SMP, the scalp would be full shiny. So choose wisely.

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