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    What's the best method of cleaning and disinfecting? A roller seems like an awkward thing to clean.

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    Hello every body,,and thanx for every one participated this post and shared his experience and experiment here.
    Special thanx to prettyfly83 the challenger and persistent man,and muii and vic ,
    I nearly read all the 247 pages carefully not to miss any thing,and im will share my experience with you and i am sure that it will benifit you if you applied it beside dermaroller and menox,i will tell you every thing about what i did and the results and i will add derma roller to my rigeme and put the results Consecutively.i started my special rigeme 2 monthes ago by using plenty oil mixture and i got good results so i will use derma roller and continue with you soon,wait me, thanx

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    alcohol and flame

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    Default Does it matter which solution is used to store harvested grafts for during HT?

    Hi, I am 36 years old male and going for HT in March, my Dr in London just confirmed me he uses Chilled Saline solution to store harvested grafts while he is doing the incision. Please can you advise how effective is the saline solution for this purpose? Is there a huge difference in yield when compared saline with other solutions to store the grafts?

    Last thing, is it better to spray ATP after the HT? this see lot of doctors on different forms suggesting that, but by doctor do not provide ATP after HT.

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    Hey Miiw!

    Thank you so much for sharing your success with your current treatment.

    I would just like to know your reasoning for using 0,3mm roller on everyother day (Or was it twice a week?)

    and u used a 1mm 540 needle derma roller instead of a 1,5mm 192 needle roller as in the study.

    Any particular reason why?

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    3 Year Update, ~6 months since last progress pics
    I would love it if you posted an update in May 2017, just to really prove fred970 wrong!

    Keep up the awesome work!

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