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    Default How important is it too be consistent with the hours between minox applications?

    As of today i'm going to start religiously using Minox so i'll hopefully maintain and regrow some until I'm old enough to get Fin in 2/3 years (I'm 16)

    So my question is, how important is it that i apply the Minox every 12 hours? I understand that i should apply it twice daily but how much does it matter if i apply it at 7 in the morning and then 9 at night? That's 14 hours between applications or 8 in the morning then 5 in the afternoon? Or should i always try to apply it at 8 in the morning and 8 at night?

    I'm also thinking of making a progress thread with pictures and stuff if any one is interested

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    Idk bout the minox but have to assume a few hours either way won't matter.

    For sure take pictures, which will not only be valuable to you but to other members.

    Good luck, man.

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    I dont have pictures but I do minox everyday. It seems to be working for me. I try to hit every 12 hours but it doesnèt always happen. I do 8am-1pm and then again somewhere between 10pm and 12am. I use to be consistent from 9am to 9pm everyday but even with my current regimen, nothing has been affected from such differences. Sometimes I skip applications in the mornings and even then, I dont notice any difference at all. I just know my hair has improved and stayed the same ever since starting minox.

    The important part for me is trying to evenly distribute it on my head since I use a dropper. I do it like if I had cornrolls. front to back, 5 lines with 0.75ml (0.75 day and night cause Im penny pinching and my bottle only lasts for 30 days if I use 1ml twice a day). Sometimes I skip an application because of the penny pinching mentality but I have to keep reminding myself that im doing this for myself

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    Thanks for the help guys

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    Some patients get result with only applying Minoxidil once daily. While others don't see much happen at all when applying once or twice daily.
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