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    Default Vellus regrowth is a big middle finger from the gods

    Srsly what is the point? A bunch of translucent vellus hairs growing up to my original hairline as if they have a reason to be there...."hey this marks where your hairline used to be." Gee thanks Avodart! Good thing I have spent $800+ on you!

    Meanwhile I have shed some legitimate terminal hairs from my hairline corners. Trading in some terminals for translucent midget hairs, what a bargain.
    In fact I need to refill my rx soon, so it will be like $1200 spent to achieve hairline corners that look like a 60 year old German woman's upper lip that needs to be waxed.

    If I do not at least regain the terminal hairs I shed I will be irate. Styling has been a bitch lately. Some days it goes well but others it is a grueling process to make sure everything looks ok from every angle so I can go through my day without worrying if someone notices. But I guess it would be fine if someone did, all I have to say is "look at the old woman upper lip hair on my hairline, that definitely compensates"

    F*ck vellus hairs

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