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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantos View Post
    Thanks, but why do you say 10 years? I thought it was much less. Someone else posted it was more like 2-2.5 I think
    Vellus hairs have the *potential* to grow terminal hairs if the arrector pilli which is the muscle with the hair shaft is not atrophied or gone shark tank weight loss how to lose weight fast crazy bulk reviews best sarms testogen gnc amazon Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink zantrex black reviews modere trim reviews completely based length dormancy of ten years plus or so then you have a pretty good chance of resurrect a good amount of coverage though temple hairs are usually black label x thought that can never be reclaimed no matter what you do. The fact that you have vellus hairs means you have a chance a 50/50 chance that that they might turn into terminal functional healthy hairs after they are shed out in a phase and the new hair that replaces it is now a dark nourished terminal hair.

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    Stated clearly Adderall

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    Very nice post.

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