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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan26 View Post
    Bro change your mind set! Never think a girl is 'way out of your league'. You're the catch, she's lucky yo have you. There are two ways to go about this. Fight your hairloss battle tooth and nail and just be accepting of whatever the outcome may be, or simply embrace your baldness and shave your head when it becomes noticeable. Do it with confidence!
    Good post.

    But more importantly he's right. You do have to change your mindset as it's going to be the only way to cope. Almost a year ago now I remember thinking how I hated my hair losing out and I was becoming a 'lesser person'. Fast forward a year, not much has changed life wise except I am much more happier in my own skin and with my own hair...all because I buzzed it.

    I'd be up front with her and just go for it bro!

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