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    Save the women and children and let the men die depressed and alone.
    Tbh I almost don't care if a cure comes at this point. If it takes 7-10 years I'll be in my 30s and it will be too late for me,30s I should have my shit together hair or not, I will be stuck with a lower quality life with reduced opportunities having set my path, if replicel hits Japan in 2018 then maybe.
    I think this is a major problem of career "scientists" who release crap they know won't work to secure funding/prestiege or keep their jobs, patent trolls who sit on products or concepts and big pharma buy outs/freeze outs of less profitable avenues.
    It's even more egregious for things like Dementia, which are going to cost society big time in 10 years if nothing is done.

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