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    Default What do you think is more likely?

    Background info: started rogaine 1x a day 8 months ago, have been on propecia over a year. Shed a ton when first using rogaine, stopped and hair looked good month 4ish. Month 5.5-7.5 had a long and dreaded shed, leaving hair thinner looking/feeling. Month 7.5 shed stops. Confident results will follow. Two weeks later around now, scalp itching, shedding restarting.
    I'm nw 2 in shape with diffuse thinning bad on corners and starting to get bad in frontal lobe with all this shedding

    What's more likely?

    The shedding (or maybe the two week stop in shedding) is all in my head?
    I'm just not responding to any of the meds and my baldness is progressing?
    Going through a super shed - will end up back at NW1. :-p

    I just can't think, from all the reading on this site, of anyone whose had such little time between sheds or has shed for this long

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    Also, as a disclaimer, I know I've been on here saying rogaine has been working once a day for me cuz I'm seeing little hairs pop up on my hairline. I am seeing that, but am loosing tons of thicker hairs and also other miniaturized hairs too with those a sheds, so I'm confused

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