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    Default The value of the forums

    The value of the forums is in connecting with other posters who do not work in the industry in any way along with connecting with patients who do not work in the industry. Otherwise what you are left with is just doctors, reps, and posters that are only on the forums to help facilitate an objective and that objective is all too often to make someone some money at your expense.

    Yes listen to what the doctors and reps have to say cross reference everything that you hear but most important develop your own network with those who do not profit at your expense.

    I think many are waking up to the fact that you don’t always get the whole story with the main stream media and they are beholden to the sponsors and whom ever controls them. Well the forums work pretty much the same way. So be aware and connect with those mentioned it's a much safer approach.

    This is for the new guys.

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