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    Is there any way to know if he's going to do a show live today? It would change my commute home this afternoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by PayDay View Post
    You really need to get off of these forums UK, you've become one of the more bitter posters. This is not a healthy place for you.

    This is great news even it it takes another 10 years! It means that this stuff can put an end to this one day. Even if for some reason it does't help us, issn't nice to know that the next generation might be helped?
    Thing is, everytime I get off the forums I start drinking more often, so technically, these forums are more healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DepressedByHairLoss View Post
    The link that UK posted is 5 years old, and this specific Follica discovery is very different. In this latest discovery, they were able to actually regrow hair in humans and I already believe that they're deep into Phase II with this technology. This isn't another case where hair was regrown in mice but not humans. This is totally different and could benefit us very soon, and that's why I'm totally excited about it. If it was just more mouse s**t that will take a decade to come to fruition, then I would not even be posting about it.
    But... Dr Cots said it would be available in a few years.

    Am I missing something

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