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    I'm not sure why you are using Finasteride and Dutasteride at the same time. Or why you wouldn't just taken .5mg dutasteride daily. Fin has a very short half life (like most drugs) to where it might work better splitting the dose twice a day. Dut has a half life which is insanely long compared to most drugs. It's 4-5 weeks long. So taking 1mg now means in one month you'll still have .5mg in you. Dut also lowers dht levels the same amount whether you take fin with it or not. The extra fin is a waste of money at best.

    Even if the powder you get is substantially cheaper and that's why you get it I would still just stick to .375mg dut a day. Some doctors prescribe it at .5mg EOD or every third day because it still builds up in he body with such a long half life. And it does more than fin. The fin you are taking realistically is simply not doing anything in your body except being there.

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    Anyone know who the best supplier of this is ?

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    Hey WarLord- I have noticed your posts and admire your knowledge of bodybuilding and the like and you seem a lot like me. I have dabbled in anabolics with great results but have had to halt them now due to my fear of further hairloss..Is the dutasteride still working for you? I was on fin for almost 20 years when all of a sudden for no real reason my hairloss accelerated rapidly after all those years of nothing but a little thinning at the crown. Now its big thinning at the crown and formerly solid frontal hairline is getting raggedy. I switched to dut .5 mg daily about 1.5 years ago and like you it appeared to immediately halt my hairloss but not for long.... After a couple of months I began onec again to have some big shed days that are horribly unnerving and depressing. How my day will go is pretty much predicated on how much hair I shed that morning..I have noticed a very significant loss of libido on dut which fin did not seem to do to me but have soldiered on to tell the truth I am very much like you in that regard and I would rather have no muscles and no libido than be bald which I find to be my own personal hell which could almost drive me to suicide..How are things going with you these days?

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    Make sure it is from a trusted source!

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    How critical is this for you? I mean have you ever been to some Doctor?

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    All SARMs can cause hair loss.

    The extent to which they can cause it is based upon their own inherent tissue selectivity and androgenicity.…

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