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    Quote Originally Posted by veca View Post
    Arashi my friend...you got that right .... I'm not convinced!!! I'm a ****ing economist and I do not know anything about bioengineering and medicine, and frankly when I read some topics on this forum actually remain astonished at how much our members know about this industry but I'm completely out of things but in the end only believe my eyes.
    If Nigams presents us with crystal clear documentation of that forum member who's visiting him monday and proves his technique, I'm going to have to retract my theory and in fact, might even consider getting onto a plane towards India myself !! Only thing that would hold me back is that I'm a bit reluctant towards those growth factors. What I understand from Histogen is that they associated CERTAIN growth factor with cancer. Of course these are not the growth factors that Nigams is using, however, the mere fact that certain growth factors are associated with it, would keep me somewhat reluctant. I'd probably wait a few years before getting on that plane, to see if forum members died, LOL But if Nigams could proof his technique, I'd jump for joy for sure. Just the idea that a cure is finally available would be a truely soothing, comforting idea.

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    you're right, and I'm worried about that too, Histogen and Aderans are working on it for years and have proven that it is safe, but again there is little doubt about that. And what is the weirdest no one talks about safety, not even Dr. Nigam ...and another thing is unclear if he could restore lost hair, whether these results are eternal or we will again face this nightmare?

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    I think a thread should be made urging Nigam to follow proper documentation this Monday with the French moderator patient.

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