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    Quote Originally Posted by PatientlyWaiting View Post
    I think reading would help us all think about other things. The last book I read was The Giver. It was alright, but it was short and it seemed better suited for Jr High kids, i'm 24.

    Any one recommend some good books with a good story? Preferably a long/college level books.
    I agree, and would also recommend doing other things that calm you down. I go swimming all the time(following with saunas and cold showers, alternating, which really freshens me up), also at the same time to gain that body I will need when I'll start shaving.

    For reading, especially if you don't read a lot, I highly recommend something that is not too heavy and will capture your attention quickly. Nothing better than "The Da Vinci Code" which I read at 18 in three days. Dan Brown does a great job at drawing your attention with little while keeping it a light read.

    Then, once you get used to reading more, I would go over some literature like Dostoevsky and if that's too much also history books can be a good read if you like that sort of stuff.

    Folks the cure is coming IMO and we have no more than 5 years. Another good thing to do to keep busy and get in a self improvement spiral is working and saving money, I know I say it all the time but you should start saving 5K a year. That could mean working more, or being responsible, but definitely you need to have 20K for when the new stuff comes out.

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    The only city that matters in Canada. Eh?!


    Goose girl.

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    Anything by Mark Twain.

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    Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, very relevant to our hairloss problem.

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    Guys you have to read: WINDUP GIRL by Paolo Bacigalupi

    Its a recent sci fi novel (2010 I think) and is set in a dystopic world of the future where gene hacking and genetic modifications has changed the world for the worse!

    I'll never forget this book

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