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    Default So where/how exactly can I get a script for Procepia?

    I posted one thread before with pics of my hair loss...I'm pretty sure it's gotten slightly worse since then. I'm now on the mission again to religiously put on rgaine as well as taking vitmains daily (mainly biotin).

    What I'm also ready for now is to finally get a script for Procepia. But I'm not sure as to what professional to visit..Is it a "normal" doctor that I go into and ask about this? or a dermatologist? and also, should I call them up first to ask if they even give out scripts for fin? Please help, will check back and possibly post pictures. Thanks very much.

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    Any doctor really, I simply got a prescription from my Family Physician.

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    If you are in the uk go to your local boots and make an appointment with the pharmacist about their hair retention program, the pharmacist will put you on a propecia prescription and will notify your doctor you are taking it. They will prescribe you 3 months supply at a time at cost of £90. If you respond well they will offer you 6 months supply eventually. This is your cheapest option to get brand name propecia.

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    Use Dr. Steven Edgar. Spex put me in contact with him, simple consultation form payment and pills arrive, have just started mine today. Fingers crossed this is my resolution to hair loss! Best of luck

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    I've never got prescription. I've got Propecia (Fin) from "STOP4BALD" (just search it on Google) and never had probs.

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