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    Default Highlander, cheer up My friend.


    Cheer up my Dear friend. I am a fully slick bald Norwood 7, at this tender young age of 29, and more worse than that, I have lots of hair growing on my ears and nose....

    Trust me, I would love to have the hair that you have....LOVE is an understatement....I would truly CHERISH having the amount of hair you have...And as for the nose and ear hair, it is so hard to know what to do, ultimately I either pluck them out regularly, or I get LASER hair removal done for it...but it is stressful either way...

    My friend, you have been blessed with a lot more Hair than me.

    I do however, feel your pain, and understand it is not easy even for you. I do wish that you find happiness soon.

    Your friend,

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    Highlander, sometimes I worry about the risks you have and will take in your pursuit of aesthetics.

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