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    I know this dude who is nw0 with THICK hair (italian) who wears a hat 24/7... it drives me nuts!!!

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    I see it all the time. People take things for granted. A lot of people on this site take their health for granted as well.

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    I think its like anything else.

    Most of us take things for granted in our lives. Its a very wise man who takes care of himself even though he doesnt need to.

    For me, I dont really pay attention to pinheads who take things for granted. I notice the guys with great hair who take advantage of it with fantastic styling.

    I notice guys who put the effort into being 10% body fat. Guys who make the effort to buy and maintain quality things.

    In other words, take themselves seriously. The guys you are talking about are slobs and should be taken as examples of what not to do.

    Micheal Moore could have a billion dollars and I still have a far happier life than he ever will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DepressedByHairLoss View Post
    It was talked about earlier about being fat vs. being bald, and those two things cannot even be compared in my eyes. Despite what people say, a person has the option to lose weight and get fit. I see it being done all the time. Hell, I did it myself. But there are no adequate options out there to really regrow hair and that's what pisses me off than anything.
    Depends upon which type of fat you are talking about. Some people are unable to get thin due to some disease, such as thyroid problems. In that case, fat is worse than bald, because a fit bald man looks better than a fat man with hair. When you are fat, you have a potato face, with no visible cheekbones and jawline, which looks quite ugly.

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