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    Quote Originally Posted by fred970 View Post
    He must change his hair piece every 6 months or every year. 1500Ä a year and in three years you reach the price of a single hair transplant, without actually having any hair back.

    In the end it's a personnal choice. I could have worn compression garments for my gynecomastia, but I choosed suurgery.
    1500 euros is quite a strech, my paternal grandfather has been wearing an unnoticeable hair piece for the past 15 years, at a price of ~$300 every three months. He does talk to my dad about the discomfort it provides, and as you said it doesn't actually regrow your hair, but it is a decent solution which really deserves more consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayman View Post
    Okay firstly you don't look like an alien and no doubt you're your own worst critic. I'll tell you what you do look like, you look like the other guys worldwide who have lost their hair. If you're unhappy with your appearance and dont want to go down the transplant route then it's best to work with what you have got.
    Try putting on a little weight ( go to the gym and lift some weights) this will broaden your shoulders and thicken your neck, you'll also put a bit of weight on in the face. Keep your facial hair neat and trimmed or try going for the stubble look. Get some sun on your skin, almost all bald guys look better with a bit of a tan.
    People are saying it looks weird and you should grow your hair back out most likely because they aren't used to seeing you shaved down, this happens to pretty much everyone when they shave it down, soon enough your shaved head will become the norm.
    So there you go, you're bald and you're not happy (it sucks I know when you're not happy with how you look) but you got to work with what you got. Best of luck.

    Thanks for the responses guys , and like some of you puts it, im my own worst critic.But that really don't change anything.

    My hair gave me the opportunity to frame my face in a way that really looked good. Of course if you got a great beard growth you can still pull it of, but i got very little facial hair and a round face with big cheeks.

    The way I feel is : I won't be able to get the results i want from a hair-transplant, not even close. I like my hair long with obviously no bald spots. Therefore iv'e started thinking about doing something to make my face look more...manly and thinner. Maybe a chin implant, filler for more significant cheekbones or liposuction of the cheeks. It feels like a prison, i cant do anything with my hair or beard. I'm already at the gym for four days a week so im doing what i can

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