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    I hope so, its taking a lot of time......pray it works & doesn't have side effects!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by FearTheLoss View Post

    Histogen still has a phase IIb that they are going to do..but don't get down about this, because if everything goes to plan HSC would be released in Asia after phase IIb..then America a year or two after once phase III is complete and FDA approved.
    So could I theortetically go get treated in Asia, cheaper on top when its released there? Always wanted to see some Asian countries and this would be a great reason.

    Also will histogen promote new/regrowth of lost hairs or only keep what is left?

    I'm praying for this and have been on their mailing list for like 2 years.

    Also debating on trying the PRP treatment snake oil.
    Really want to save the FUE if possible as a LAST resort.

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