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    Default When to go for a consultation?

    Guys I am a 39 yo male and whenever I can get my financial situation worked out I am going to strongly consider a HT. My question is it may be another year before things get better with my finances, so would it be any need to go for a consultation now or just wait until I am able to go through with a HT.

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    You can never have too much information and having a consultation now will only help with the research process generally and enable you to process everything involved. It cant do you any harm.

    You can never have too much information when you are looking into a HT and despite the timeline involved it's a good idea to get the mindset in gear early on to confirm whether or not this is something you definitely want to go through with, once finances are in place.

    Your situation might have changed slightly by the time you have your HT ( further hair loss ) but as long as you are aware of this then having a variety of consults with reputable docs will only help you make a more informed decision on the lead up to your HT, if and when you decide to have a HT.

    I hope this helps.
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    There are patients who book their procedure immediately after the consultation and those who wait. I often get emails from patients who I was first in contact with more than a year earlier. Sometimes it can take a while to raise funds or work the procedure in to a busy life.

    You can be re-assessed by the doctor closer to the time you are ready.
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