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    Quote Originally Posted by hellouser View Post
    Many of you have seen me post and boast about RU and many of you have also inquired about my progress... well, here is my log.

    I noticed my hair going bad.. I mean really bad back in around March of 2011. I didn't notice it thin out or anything, but rather my hair line go waaaay back than what it used to be. I noticed this after I was at a club with friends and had some pictures of myself taken. The lighting on my face was rather harsh and it exposed a lot of scalp behind the hairline which made the hairline look higher than it actually is. This is where my life started going downhill..... its when I realized I looked fvcking weird and it was my hair. By this time I was already an NW2-3, but I never really took much notice into my hairline.. I didn't care about it before, I thought I looked normal (I mean I still do, but society is full of shithead assholes so no, by their standards I dont look normal).

    February, 2011 - Before Regimen
    So I started reading about things that can be done. I learned about Saw Palmetto, Nizoral, Finasteride, hair transplants and Replicel. I read about Finasteride castrating men and giving many side effects and it was a complete write off. It still is and its a dangerous drug which no man should take. I'm not saying I'd take it away from those who are already on it with results, but Finasteride is pure bullshit. My first line of defense? Saw Palmetto, and even with that I was hesitant as I ready about mild effects. But the bad breathe issue was the worst problem. It subsided eventually though.

    Here's what my hair looked like then (these are from a club, so apologies for the crappy quality). Mind you, I used to use a good but 'wet' product called Bedhead by Tigi. This makes hair look quite thin as it climps hair real close together, hence it looking thin below.

    So here's where I start fighting this disease that nobody cares about;

    April, 2011
    I start taking saw palmetto. Did my research, relatively small sides if any, much safer than finasteride, 1 pill a day (eventually moved up to 2 pills a day, 160mg each). Also started using Nizoral.

    June, 2011
    I start taking Kirkland's Minoxidil 2%, twice a day. I suppose in the pics below I shed a bit however I don't remember freaking out about hairs in the tub or on my pillow.

    October, 2011
    Ordered 5grams of RU from Ontario Chemicals and start using in 1ml application of 0.7ml isopropyl (wrong vehicle) and 0.3ml of PG. Concentration of RU was probably about 10mg. USELESS. At this dosage, almost impossible to get side effects more so since I was using isopropyl.
    RU is now applied once daily, Minoxidil once daily as well.

    March, 2012
    In the picture below I am 5 months into using 1ml of RU with about 1-2% concentration (10-20mg) with about 1ml of Minoxidil at 2%. I should mention that while I'm on this regimen, I often used only 0.5ml total per day which all went into my hairline. The rest of my pathetic head I battled with Minox.

    September, 2012
    Ran out of 5g of RU (yeah, after 11 months). Order 10g of RU from Ontario Chemicals again, still using Isopropyl but upped the dosage of RU to 5% concentration per 1ml (so 50mg per 1ml) and used once daily. Still on Minoxidil 2% once daily, still on Saw Palmetto and Nizoral.

    No further loss, no shedding still but no regrowth either.

    October, 2012
    Below we can see I've had regrowth!

    December, 2012
    Ran out of 2% Minoxidil from Kirklands, changed it to Kirklands 5%.

    MASSIVE SHEDDING (therefor, major loss in density).

    Hair got thinner immediately in the following weeks.
    Still on RU at 5% in 1ml, Saw Palmetto and Nizoral.

    January, 2013
    Below is a photo of my hair RIGHT after a lot of Minox was applied all over and we see a drastic change for the worse. The shedding from the switch to Minoxidil at 5% is evident and things look terrible. Mind you in the photos below I am using between 1.5-2ml of Minoxidil and these pictures are IMMEDIATELY after application hence my hair looks wet and thin.

    February 6th, 2013
    Photos below show whats going on:

    February 15th, 2013
    STILL SHEDDING and most likely due to going from 2% to 5% minoxidil. Shedding is common and usually a sign of efficacy. Ran out of RU, got 10g again of RU, but also purchased Everclear to fix the vehicle. Upped the dosage of RU to about 100mg per 1ml (thus 10% solution) once daily.

    Below it is very VERY clear I've lost a lot of density.

    March, 2013
    Shedding slowing down significantly. No regrowth yet however small hairs have shown up around the hairline.

    April 19th, 2013
    Havent had a haircut since January/February so hair is quite long. Still shedding. But: LOTS of new hairs have sprouted around the hairline and the small hairs at hairline visible 1 month prior are now longer, but only visible when seen up close. I hope the same holds true for the vertex and crown to hold onto my hair until Aderans/Histogen is out.

    April 20th, 2013
    Day of haircut! Behold! Density is back!

    Today is May 1st, and I recently added CB once daily at 1% (1-1.5ml) thus the new regimen is now:

    100mg RU in 1ml, once daily
    10-15mg CB in 1ml or 1.5ml, once daily
    Minoxidil 5% at about 1.5ml, once daily
    Saw Palmetto (320mg - 550mg daily, depending on available pills)
    Nizoral 2%

    I'm also using some shampoos with Saw Palmetto and am planning on acquiring MiN New York hair products (a clay which contains saw palmetto and azelaic acid, probably useless but better than nothing).

    I've also noticed THICK and DARK terminal hairs show up at the hairline! These are hairs I dont remember seeing from a while back and potentially havent been around in years! There aren't many, maybe about 20, but its a clear sign things are working.

    Future treatment:

    I recently acquired Lubrajel, the same vehicle used in the study for BNP-32 as a topical treatment for hair loss. You can read about this peptide here or my general summary here

    I have quite a bit of cash saved up for a surgical treatment for Dr. Gho, but if the guys from other forums already experimenting with BNP-32 get results, I will be buying some BNP-32 myself and using my lubrajel to regrow the temples and entire scalp. If that fails, its Gho time (or someone else that can offer regeneration).

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I do want to say though that the last two years of my life have EASILY been the most depressing, most angry, most lacking. I'm trying to wait very patiently for a treatment from Histogen and Aderans.

    If anyone is curious about how effective is CB? I don't know yet, its too soon to tell.

    As for side effects? None from RU as far as I can tell. No brain fog, no limp-finasteride-dick however I have experienced many drops in Libido from Saw Palmetto. Whats weird is that sometimes my libido is RAGING high and I'll be getting random stiffies at work too. Though I suppose the reduced libido could also be due to physical inactivity and general depression.

    I hope this helps. I'll post more in the future.

    Also, if anyone wants to know how to acquire, mix, apply, etc RU, I've made a complete guide here; http://www.baldtruthtalk.com/showthread.php?p=120497
    Wonderful, looks amazing but you need to share your experience as of today. alot of people can get help from you. kindly post your current updates regarding hairloss and effectiveness of its treatment you were following

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swooping View Post
    What is exactly the simplistic explanation?
    Thanks for your great reply. Very useful I am sure. Where do you get all that great info on cancer treatment? It is good we have medical genius' here to enlighten us. I may have about 10 times more medical training that you, perhaps.

    I will say again, RU is not produced by a drug company. Why? Very safe? Very effective? I doubt neither.

    Thanks, hope that was not too simplistic for you but you never know.

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    UK_ What does "absolute wonders" mean? Does it me you re regrowing hair or just maintaining what you have?

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    Wait, what is CB?

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