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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
    Yeah they obviously gave up on it. I mailed Matthieu a couple times, he stopped replying, I guess they figured out that all this 'donor regeneration' has been nonsense after all. It was first HASCI who came up with this scam. Then Dr Nigam, the master of scam artists jumped too onto it and inspired by their claims of successes, others like Dr Mousseigne started investigating. Then it turned out Dr Nigam was a scammer, then we found out the truth about HASCI and then Mousseigne just stopped responding ...

    Donor regeneration, a few years ago this seemed so promising. Quite sad it turned out to be all a lie ...
    It's at least very promising for Dr. Cole and Chuck,... whose recent low profile about Dr. Cole's "regeneration" success is very disappointing.... The 50% regeneration, I believe, was reported already way before he started trying out Amniofix some four months ago.

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    There is only Dr Cole left but even he dropped regeneration rate from 60% to 40% and now it would be awesome if he could actually PROVE that he can get 40% ...still HUGE achievement but dont think it will happen

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