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    i take 30000mcg biotin, multis,fish oil, coconut oil. finestride. and apply castor oil sometimes.

    looking into MSM.

    What else is good?

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    The theory is that carnitine improves the energy production in the hair follicle cell enabling more hair to grow. The data in the patent looked promising. The shaved hair on the back of mice grew back twice as fast with the carnitine topical application.

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    I may be different because I have psoriasis and a little bit of it on the scalp but when I eat a diet predominantly of vegetables and fruit (virtually no grains but oats), and fish and chicken (red meat once a week) my skin becomes better until the point of normal over the span of 3-6 months and stays that way until I eat crap for food again and lots of bread.

    A side note of trying to cure that lovely skin disease was that I noted the patches where it existed before about 2-4 weeks in start growing hair again. Noticed this first on the elbows but it is also true of my scalp. I assume this has to do with fighting the inflammation and allowing hair follicles to grow normally .

    For those of you who don't know in psoriatic lesions skin grows and sheds at many times the normal rate creating a build if of plaques which then crack and bleed and other lovely stuff like that. It stands to reason it messed with hair follicles too.

    However I suspect the healthier your body the better everything will grow, so a whole/raw food diet with minimal processed elements will no doubt help.

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