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    Great post clandestine! Coming to terms with hair loss and other issues while you are young is what will put you over the top. It's a huge achievement that will set the tone for the rest of your life!

    Living in self pity, and espousing the notion we are somehow genetically inferior because of hair loss, is a prime example how life's losers deal with adversity.

    It was not easy for me being not so great looking and then being stricken with hair loss at a fairly early age, but it did not stop me from being very successful and getting married to a strikingly beautiful women who I met when she was just out of collage and I was really thinning on top.

    Young good looking women will take notice and want to spend time with winners, not self loathing, socially retarted losers who can't come to terms with having average looks.

    I bet most of the guys on this board are at least average or even slightly above average looking and don't even appreciate what they have to work with.

    I would love for someone to comment and say how good I look, but I would much prefer someone to really admire me for my achievements and the fact that even though I have hair loss and I'm a little shorter than average, I still married a hot women and have built a beautiful life for myself.

    When I see pictures of myself, I seldom like the way I look at first, but then I focus on the expression on my face and my smile and see that I was happy that day. That makes me feel successful and like a winner.

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    I just wish I had more hair man. I'd like to say I'm above average in the look department, but having a receding hairline and thin hair has always affected my confidence. I'm in great shape, work-out consistently, but not a day goes by I don't think or get reminded about my fate to come.

    We all can't be perfect, I get it. There are a lot of qualities I'm sure I have physically that other people wish they had, but I just shrug my shoulders and kick rocks when I see a jacked up, steroid injected dude at the gym with a hairline down to the brows..it's like why? Why me?

    I still enjoy life, have a great gf...my only wish is to have all my hair back. The day a significant solution comes out to treat this monumental personal issue, will be the day I truly feel 100% confident, myself, and really enjoying life to the max without the stress induced by this. I just can't help the fact hairloss causes so much stress and anxiety for me.

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    Wish I had the same confident as you. I'm 22 years with a really severe hair loss. NW5 or even NW6. Everyday is a struggle

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    For me, buzzing it was the best choice I made. The only issue I have is initial reactions. I've learnt that you can't hide forever. But I guess it does come down to the whole if people can't accept you with hair then, are they worth it in the first place.

    One side of balding is that it does show what really matters to people.

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    Just be happy with what you've got.

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