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    Quote Originally Posted by varonil View Post
    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd update you on my journey. I decided to go for Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) to reduce my scar even further. Even crazier is I was interviewed on the CBC - Canada's national television broadcaster about it...

    Not sure how I went from extreme shame to being able to talk about this on national TV, but there you have it.
    Very cool! Thanks for posting. Would you mind posting photos of your result? That would be greatly appreciated.

    I had thought that down the road, genetically compatible 3d printed hair-like strands could be implanted in the scalp without causing an immune reaction. Interesting though, after hair transplantation, some of the hair strands continue to grow for a while, then just sit there. Those hairs commonly cause an immune reaction resulting in pimples. Tattoo ink usually doesn't cause an immune reaction, so perhaps something more solid, small, correctly colored, and resembling a hair strand could be inserted in the skin like a tattoo. As I mentioned, the only issue I have seen working here at Dr. Cole's office regarding SMP, tricopigmentation etc. is color mismatch and dot's that don't resemble hair emerging from the scalp because they are too large. Perhaps a more solid implantable, less prone to fade could solve this issue. Color match and dot size are critical to a natural result that blends in with surrounding hair.

    If it weren't for my hair transplant scars, I would shave my head.

    BTW, The possibilities with 3d printers are absolutely amazing. The following video has nothing to do with hair, but highlights the potential of this technology. 2,200 square foot homes built by a huge 3d printer in around 20 hours.

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    Thanks 35yr after. I didn't know about 3D printers. I will post pics once I shave my head down again so the scar will be visible (or not! ). Soon.

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