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    Default can someone recommend a protein shake

    going to get on the shakes but really want to avoid anything with creatine as the stuff is reported to boost dht levels among other things.

    can someone recommend a shake that's not as artificial, one that you've found does not mess with you mpb?

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    I don't take protein but my buddy does. He blends his strawberry flavoured protein powder with some plain yogurt, and fruitopia. I think that's how they make it at goodlife fitness anyways; around that sort of idea.

    If I do make shakes, I just get those frozen fruits in a bag, and cut some bananas into it, cup of milk, a spoon or two of sugar and it's good to go. I'm sure there are others with a lot better ingredients but I just work around what tastes good.

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    Creatine isn't a hormone, so the boosting of DHT would merely be an affect of a boost in Testosterone because of your increased intensity and musculature.

    Very few protein 'shakes' that are billed as protein are going to be anything but protein + BCAA's. Generally you are only going to find pre-workout shakes that contain Creatine.

    Plus it will be on the ingredient list, so its easy enough to just filter it out.

    Get Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.

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    Another vote for Optimum Nutrition. Steer clear of any brands with over the top marketing.

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    Wouldn't it be really handy if we had a subforum for such topics?

    Not a criticism of jman91, I refer to the fact a few members have asked for one and it's still not available.

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    Isoflex is one of the purest proteins you can get!!

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    ON 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard.

    Mocha Cappuccino is delicious.

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    I have tried most brands. For price, go Optimum; they typically have the cheapest price per gram of protein (of the reputable brands). For taste, buy either Dymatize Casein Cinnamon Bun or ANY flavor of Trutein. Both taste incredible. If you have any sort of dairy or gluten intolerance, use Isopure. I currently use Isopure Zero.

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    Protein shakes are overrated. Eating a healthy diet is good enough. Fish, chicken, veggies blah blah blah. Lifting weights is also overrated. Try and keep your body fat percentage low with cardio and exercise (pull ups, squares, push-ups....)

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    Met- rx meal replacement

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