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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander View Post
    So you don't take creatine either because of the DHT risk?

    I was actually considering taking some when I get off Accutane since it is one of the better "natty" supplements.
    Nah, never felt it was worth the risk. I nearly quit lifting all together until I read a post by a very knowledgeable individual on another forum. He said it may even help hair loss somehow (I forget the specifics). In any case, I've seen people log their test levels on some other forum after bulking hard with tons of whole milk and other things; they noticed a VERY small increase in test.

    Quote Originally Posted by NotBelievingIt View Post
    I've lived in Madison since I was born.
    Nice. I hope to move there in two years for pharmacy school.

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    Wow Ames, thanks for your very disrespectful reply. This forum is supposed to be helping people and not bringing anyone done. What exactly did I say that has been proven wrong?

    I've been training over the last year and a half with an Instructor at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) and I've working on my certification from NPTI. This is their website: http://nptifitness.com/. My trainer also teaches the nutritional and training courses at two of the major universities in the Washington DC Area. I'm only bringing this up to prove I'm not talking out of my a** and what I'm saying is based on real information.

    I'm done with this thread.

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    I think the 'risk' with Creatine, if the DHT elevation is consistently true, is more along the lines of your own sensitivity as well as your current levels. If you're a low DHT and slow loser, it probably won't change much. But if you're low and fast, it'll probably accelerate. If you're high and slow no change. High and high, no change. Its just that unfortunate low and and fast category that would be most at risk of accelerating hair loss.

    My SWAG.

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    Default Help Hair whey protein

    Quote Originally Posted by jman91 View Post
    going to get on the shakes but really want to avoid anything with creatine as the stuff is reported to boost dht levels among other things.

    can someone recommend a shake that's not as artificial, one that you've found does not mess with you mpb?
    Hi mate,

    I've been using the Help Hair whey protein concentrate. Saw it on SkakeMD.com and have read Dr Cooley & Dr Mwamba use and recommend it. Label says it has no artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, sulphites or growth hormones.

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    Just buy ON brand. It taste good.

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    Eating protein food, fruit juices.

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