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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post
    In my opinion, that's a good mindset to have with women (at least in your teens to mid-20's.) Treat girls like dirt and they'll stick to you like mud. I regret that I didn't understand that concept until my early 20's.

    I'm fairly certain that game fails much more often by your mid to late 20's, but the impact it has before that is astounding.
    Yah, having nothing, its fun to be an ass. It attracts the most pretentious girls for some reason. But yesterday I was helping a buddy move into his friend's place.

    Holy, the perfect life as I'd imagine. He's in his mid 30's and working for the government. The money is not the best of the best but still enough to generate a modest living and plus he bartends at various locations and he weight trains with the ball team here in Ottawa. That's how my buddy knows him cause he's on the ball team. This guy is always going on vacation and works at home. He has a 4 floor townhouse and its spick and span.

    He was telling us stories about how easy it still is with catching girls in their 20-25's just cause he has money. And how he can't believe it's that easy. He's still festering in the 20 clubs just cause he bartends once in a while these days and hes like saying how its his "cestpool" of girls (funny). He's like yeah I tell em i'm 35 and they don't believe me but then when I take em home to my own home, have my own g35 parked in the garage... that's eye candy for the "at the moment low lifers," they couldn't even dream of having any of that stuff. I"M ****ING JEALOUS!!!

    Lesson here --- money>

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    Nothing changed here only that i dont moan about it nomore havent done for a VERY long time now just buzz it and get on with my day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proper View Post
    Yah, having nothing, its fun to be an ass. It attracts the most pretentious girls for some reason. But yesterday I was helping a buddy move into his friend's place.
    Had an old buddy/roommate who ran that game. Out-going, out-spoken, ****y. Would spit rude, sarcastic game non-stop. Didn't work every time though considerably often, but he was running a numbers game.

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    Yes, for the worst. It made me depressed. No, fin did not make me depressed, I was worse before fin. Suicidal, but I was young and didn't know how to handle it. Now i'm just normally depressed.

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    I didn't make positive changes to my life like a lot of people did, I've got to be honest it completely consumed me for a good few months. My hair loss was caused from TE and the shedding was really rapid, I went from having a full head of hair to a thinning, visible scalp in 4 weeks and it hit me hard, I must have lost 50% of my density in the time period. I think most of the time with MPB it progresses so slowly some people don't even notice for years, there's not normally a sudden change to one's image.

    I got depressed and stopped going to the gym every day like I used to, lost a lot of muscle, I stopped going out partying with my housemates completely, missed a lot of lectures at uni and instead of doing all my coursework at uni on campus in the library I'd go and get the books out I needed and then sit in my room and do it so I didn't have to be around people. Although the marks I got for my coursework are some of the best I've ever gotten lol.

    Anyway, now that I'm recovering I look back on how depressed I got about all this and I'm kind of ashamed at myself, I always knew it was TE I was going through and so knew it was all going to grow back, it's just a waiting game, and yet I still let it control me.

    I'm also going to value my hair so much more once it does fully come back, my family does have a history of minor balding so I'm on propecia and will be for life or until the elusive "cure" comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyBoyy7 View Post
    Nothing changed here only that i dont moan about it nomore havent done for a VERY long time now just buzz it and get on with my day.
    Best advice ever.

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    I became much more assertive as a result, mainly through spending years in a never ending bad mood. I'm largely over it, although I still struggle to look people in the eye when I talk to them. I'm no longer socially anxious, but it's proving to be a hard habit to break. That social awkwardness has/is holding me back in my career.

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    Thumbs down

    Being 'Comfortable in one's own Skin' is a principle that we all live by.
    Consciously and unconsciously.
    My hair began to recede in my late 20s but it was never a prominent issue. I still maintained an OK head of hair despite the thinning and a higher hairline.
    It became outrageous for me in my very late 40s. I developed a balding crown and my hairline began to thin terribly.
    There is not a day in which i am very concerned while looking in the mirror every morning. I cover my head with hats.
    My life has been changed.

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    Taking better care of myself via diet and taking my vitamins and Fin. Also being on this forum and never missing Spencer's show.

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    Yes, it made me painfully aware that I can never be truly perfect. I have to fight constantly with minox, fin, duta, and nizoral; always in a state of self-doubt. My life hinges upon these medications; they must work. In my pursuit for aesthetics, I have become a tragic hero. My downfall is the secret truth that all of this is a sham. Without drugs, I would be a bald, acne-ridden loser. I cannot allow that to happen. I must press on and fight the good-fight. I hope to see you all on the other side.

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