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    Put some pictures up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahyeahyeah View Post
    Well dr ferundi, hasson and Wong were all willing to restore my hair to a NW1

    Sooooooo, go for it
    When your 40 or 50 years old and lost the rest of your hair it will be noticebale that you had something done.
    The question will be do you have enough hair left to keep goign back to get work done

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    Quote Originally Posted by drybone View Post
    Mine was a FUT and was $3 per graft. I would never pay anyone $8 a graft . Even if they could guarantee me 99% body/ beard hair results.

    My scar is still fairly fresh but unless its buzz 2 you cant see the line. It looks like someone drew a line with a pencil..
    I wouldn't pay $8 per FUT graft either. I had said it's $8 per graft for FUE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dav7 View Post
    Ok, can the people here please describe to me what a "mature hairline" is, because I have always associated a mature hairline with the NW1 type of hairline. Is a mature hairline a NW1 or a NW1.5 or a NW2? To be honest, I wouldn't mind having a "mature hairline" as a result of a transplant. Even though I am 27 years of age, I have a baby face and would easily pass for a teenager were it not for MPB, so I wouldn't mind a mature hairline given that I would look even more babyish and like a teenager with a juvenile hairline. So what is the definition of a "mature hairline", is it a NW1, a NW1.5 or a NW.2? Thanks for all help. I just want a normal hairline for my age, but looking like a teen - the last thing I want at 27 years of age is a hairline that would make me look like some Justin Bieber replica, given that been a baby face would give off that impression of been even younger than I already am.

    I just want an appropriate Norwood scale for my age and hairline without MPB, to give me some dignity and masculinity. I am a Norwood 2.5, so what Norwood should I be aiming for with a HP? Again, I want a normal hairline for my age (27), but I don't want the whole teenage, immature juvenile hairline look - so what should I am be aiming for on the Norwood scale? Once again, I have always associated the mature hairline with a NW1, so that is why I am partially panicking here.
    Probably a 2 is what you are looking for. And you will be happy later on in life to look your age as strange as that sounds right now. Today I was at a home improvement store getting supplies for my yard and mower. The girl was having trouble working the cash register and called over an older man (about 60) to help. Immediately something looked "wrong" with him and a second or two later I realized he had a hairline of a 14 year old. It just didn't look right or normal. But as he got closer I realized he was really a women with a man's hairstyle-which was kinda strange also. When I first saw her, it was like something was wrong but took a second or two to register. It was like an instinct that something was off. When you are young having mpb is "wrong" because most men don't have it. But when you are older, it is "wrong" to have a 14 year old hairline since most men have at least some of it. I know that sounds strange but you will find it to be true when you are older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahyeahyeah View Post
    Well dr ferundi, hasson and Wong were all willing to restore my hair to a NW1

    No, we did not. NW1 technically does not exist on the NW chart and is typically found on females and juvenile males. There are some variations that have it but it is supposed to start at NW2 because that is what is considered to be a proper adult male hairline.

    All opinions are my own and may not necessarily be shared by Dr. Wong and/or Dr. Hasson.

    If you are interested in having an online consultation visit www.hassonandwong.ca

    To view my story and history visit my website at www.hairtransplantmentor.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy C View Post
    A truly gifted surgeon can minimize the scaring to the point that it is barely detectable, if at all. The problem is too many people have gone to hacks in the past. That is where the stigma comes from. Too few are willing to look at just how good the work done by a truly gifted surgeon is.
    But there are quite a few people who have gone to 'gifted' surgeons who have still ended up with terrible scars!

    I'm surprised you used a blanket statement that almost equates to:

    Top surgeon = Barely detectable scar.

    I think the main issue (and certainly my issue) is that FUT is a bit of a lottery from the scar point of view. So much seems to depend on patient physiology. No surgeon (if there is, let me know) gives it in writing that their scar will be barely recognisable, simply because they cannot guarantee it.

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