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    Default Popecia the Gym & Protein Shakes

    Will these all work together nicely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WINGER View Post
    Will these all work together nicely?
    In a word yes. There has been debate as to whether propecia affects gaining or maintaining muscle mass, some argue the dht inhibition makes your muscles softer others argue that the increase in testosterone that isn't being converted to dht is beneficial.
    This is a question that is raised on bodybuilding forums time and time again and the majority of responses is from people saying that they take it and have found it's made no difference to their progress in the gym and these are some big experienced lifters.
    So in short don't worry about it, eat well, take your protein, work hard in the gym and the results will begin to show, propecia or no propecia.

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    ITT: lots of anecdotes

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    You can never go wrong with going to the gym on a regualr basis and taking in some extra protein along the way. If you have a family history of Male Pattern Baldness and already showing signs of hair loss that Propecia might be worth a try to slow down the progression of the hair loss.
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    Didn't effect my gains or my friends' gains who are on it. Get in the gym and don't half-ass your workouts or diet. Of course these are anecdotes and I'm sure someone will come along who hasn't taken finasteride and say that it will destroy your gains. Only way to find out is to try it yourself.

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    I'm only 1 month in on fin, but it hasn't affected my ability to lift from what I've observed.

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    I've been on Proscar for 11 years, started hitting the gym hard six months ago and no issues.

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    I just wish we had some definitive answer on whether or not weightlifting impacts DHT level sufficiently to cause an increase in loss. It really nags at me.

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