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    Spencer Kobren takes calls from his living room with the help of GFQís Andrew Zarian, while the new TBT studios are under construction. A caller from Europe admits that he will risk everything in his pursuit of perfection and Marcus from New York calls in to discuss diet and hair loss. This is a show [...]Spencer Kobren Ė What Would You Do For Hair? is a post from: Hair Loss Show: The Bald Truth


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    Spencer, I've got to tell you, this show absolutely rocked!! More specifically, the interaction that you had with Marcus was really what did it for me. And it wasn't even the part where he talked about having a nice night with that beautiful woman who he thought was an escort. What I loved was how you and Marcus discussed how much diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise has to do with retaining your hair and making your hair look better. I found this to be so relevant because this is something that all of us can easily do (as opposed to say, a hair transplant) and has no downside or side effect to it whatsoever.

    Spencer, you talked a bit about diet and exercise last spring and how it had a positive effect on your hair. I took your advice and improved both of those aspects of my life, starting in about May. I've got to tell you that it really helped me out tremendously. I cut out basically all high-fat foods (except for 1 "cheat day") and I started majorly incorporating running into my normal weight-lifting regimen. In mid July, two of my favorite rock bands were playing and I really wanted to have a great time at this show and not worry about the way my hair looked. And I think that this combination of diet and exercise really caused my hair to look better than it had been in a long time. Although in retrospect, the tri-state area was experiencing a major heat wave during this time and maybe that heat and humidity is what caused my hair to look fuller and thicker. In any case, I was able to have a great time swingin' my long hair and rockin' out to two of my favorite 80s hard rock bands!! A young lady complimented the way that my hair looked as we were singing along to Def Leppard's "Animal". It was clearly one of my best concert experiences in a long time and it had everything to do with the fact that I was very confident in the way my hair looked on that particular night.

    Anyway, I stopped a lot of the cardiovascular exercise that I did around early October. Although I was only doing the bare minimum (jogging no more than 2 miles on any given day), I started to lose a lot of weight, too much weight in fact! I've always been a big guy and a power-lifter for almost 20 years now (ever since high school) and I had lost almost 40 pounds! Hell, I don't think I'd weighed that little since high school! Don't get me wrong, this was great and I got plenty of compliments from people, saying that I looked better than I ever had. However, I didn't want to lose too much weight and size since being a big muscular guy has always been a vital part of my identity.

    Anyway, I had a really bad day today (due to hair loss), but I think I am gonna take Marcusís advice and do some cardio. Also, Iíd love it if you expounded some more on health, diet, nutrition, and exercise on future shows because I agree with you and Marcus in that those aspects really do have a tremendously positive effect on a personís hair. It would also be great if you could perhaps tell all of us about some of the foods that you eat that you believe contribute to the way that your hair looks. Since I am an avid weight-lifter, I could never follow an Atkins-type diet and eat lots of vegetable in place of meat. After and before a workout, I need to eat protein so that I can have energy and build muscle. But in terms of the protein that I did eat, I always tried to keep it healthy. I ate lots of turkey meat, fish, and chicken as opposed to red meat. And I started taking Centrum vitamins which contain 100% of various nutritional requirements. So if you could give some insight to a diet that would help to improve the quality of a personís hair, that would be great.

    All in all though, that last part of the show was really good and I enjoyed listening to it. Thanks man!!

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