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    Alright, let's say the Keratene stuff will work, and my hair loss will really slow down or even stop, and NOW I want to get back to where I once belonged,
    What's my ticket to ride? Let's say I don't want to let it be, and forget about minox. What are my good options? that's what I see for now:

    Number one apparently after all the stories i've heard:

    RU58841 - Seems to have the best effect until now on the hairline,
    regardless the maintaining, people say it can regrow nice hair even on the hairline. Problem is the price, and that even after you get it you'll always think
    "dammit and if I'm doing it wrong.." too scary, but I guess it's just a matter of time until I'm there.

    Capillogain - A new product and maybe a snake oil, maybe not, many people are trying this and we're hoping for the best.

    CG 210 - People talked about it for a while and then forgot about it,
    it claims "+8200 new anagen hairs in less than 3 months" and I say remember Neogenic? but then again maybe it is good.

    Proxiphen - All I understand is that it's like minoxidil only stronger?

    Now it's your turn to add more topicals, except minox which I've been using for a year and nothing new..There are a lot of products but nothing seem to really do something big on the hairline, only when you combine 10 topicals and that's just too much time and money.

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