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    I dont think so. Unless it was a day I didnt look in the mirror.

    On those days I probably didnt. My hair was extremely important to me though. It was a huge asset so I didn't want to give it up.

    Now that I have done something about it, I feel much better.

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    No, I do not. It will drive me crazy.

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    Hello all,
    I had commented on this thread last year - 5-13-2013
    Since that time, I had begun my use of the generic Dr Reddy's Finasteride that my GP doc had prescribed to me.
    I had never considered using Finasteride/Propecia until that time last year.
    I assumed that I was 'too old' and had lost too much hair for Finasteride to help.

    There was a call-in to The Bald Truth UK live show Spencer and Spex had had a conversation with a guy in England that was about my age and had lost about the same amount of hair that I had lost.
    He stated that he was experiencing rather good results from Finasteride.
    So I began my in-depth research on it..and spoke with quite a few experienced guys in re to that med as well as my own doctor too.
    Of course Spencer has suggested to me a few times that it would be worth giving it a try. So I DID last August 2013.
    Im into my 9th month on it at 1mg per day.
    It is has STOPPED the progression of my hair loss and I am experiencing POSITIVE RESULTS. At the one year mark I might post photos of my experience with it. Of course I will also be a phase test patient of Dr Wesley's this year so I dont know what the future will entail step at a time...

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    I am so glad that i have been on Finasteride...looking in the mirror today gives me a lot more confidence that the improvements created by Finasteride are ON GOING! No bad sides either.

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    I do think about it every day.
    I got an excellent HT a couple years ago and finally have a strong hair line again.. I love my appearance now. But I know that my crown is thinning out slowly every day and that it is only a matter of time until I require a second HT procedure. So, with the mentality that the clock is ticking on my hair's current appearance, I try to make the most out of every single day.

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    There's not an hour that goes by where I dont think of it. I've tried every so called 'solution'. Nothing has worked for me... Just false hope and lots of money wasted

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