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    The only city that matters in Canada. Eh?!


    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
    No disrespect to Arab voters, but if 10% think warm showers causes baldness, it probably explains why the middle east may have the amount of problems it does...
    Haha. I would think they have bigger problems than baldness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proper View Post
    Haha. I would think they have bigger problems than baldness.
    They tend to wear those white gowns which cover their heads so they shouldn't worry.

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    I think he meant more along the lines of having stability in their nation, food, jobs, security, functioning governments etc. MPB is probably on the bottom of the pile.

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    Sometimes I wonder if Joe from Staten Island is right and it is better to just be female.

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    I've been losing hair for about 5 years and haven't really cared that much about it the 4 first years. It's the last year or even the last couple of months that have been like hell (realized that I'm actually going bald).

    I have lost alot of hair the last year that it's not even possible to hide the hair loss anymore. It might be 1-2 hours a day when I'm not thinking about my hair loss. I even think about it at nights which has ruined my sleep.

    I guess time will make everything better.

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    My hair began receding in my very late 20s. Until I was in my late 40s , my hair was not a BIG issue for me. During those 20+ years I still maintained a fairly 'full' head of hair. Meaning that I didn't have any bald spots and although my hairline receded, it was still a decent hairline.
    My late 40s brought the major thinning of my hairline AND the balding crown which has progressed to this day.
    Since my late 40s -there is NOT a day in which i am not concerned or do not think about my hair loss!!
    As i have told 'Joe from Staten' many times, the only treatment that would truly help me at this point in my life would be that of a HT.
    I would never consider a hair piece because i KNOW ME.
    Neither am I looking for perfection which would be an image of full head of hair.
    I am only looking for a REALISTIC improvement to my hair.
    I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. This is a good thread topic you had started 'Baldy1990' thanks.

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    No, no way. I think about it everyday.

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    Hairloss prevents me from being productive. I'm here sitting at work ravaging through a baldness forum.

    It's on my mind EVERY MINUTE of the day. I long for the day I can have my hair back.

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    It normally bothers me once a day, getting ready in the morning. Today it's bothering me more, it tends to annoy me more a couple of times a month!

    I've been noticeably balding now for nearly 10 years and I can honestly say hate it just as much now as ever; I really don't know how people with shaved heads can ever feel truly comfortable in their own skin (although to be honest the fashion choices of a large number of them, including football shirts, is a bit of a giveaway).

    That said, there's a lot of things I don't like and my general approach is to try and ignore them. Certainly trying to ignore my looks makes me a lot more relaxed than ****ing about with razor blades and gym equipment. It also makes logical sense to concentrate on something I can do well, rather than trying to look good, which I can't.

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    Only when I don't come on the forum and taking Fin every night reminds me

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