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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick View Post
    You need to dump him ASAP, we need this disease to stop. You might reproduce with him and ultimately carry this horrible pain with you or your children. So the best option is to never date a bald guy so we can put an end to MPB. Or you can have him castrated, your choice.
    By the time, they have a kid and the kid grows up, there would definitely be a cure for baldness, so I don't think that is an issue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearTheLoss View Post
    in 20 years neither of you will be that good will be old and aging, so make sure you are with someone because of who they are.
    That is so true.

    OP, follow these easy rules and he'll wife you up soon .

    - Don't touch his hair

    - Don't ever talk about hair loss, even though your favorite actor is balding.

    - Don't ask questions about the hair medication his taking.

    - Don't look at his hair.

    - Don't give him any fashion hairstyle tips

    lol I feel like I'm forgetting a couple of other rules. Oh and OP, don't listen to highlander, his a sad lonely ugly virgin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldozer View Post
    Vow, what an insecure wimp! I am bald but no worries! I know my wife is happy the way I am.

    Good to hear, that you are confident about your hair loss and that you found a woman the likes you for who you am. It is not everybody who are equipped to deal with hair loss that way, and that is why we have a forum like this to help each other cope with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldozer View Post
    Men who want a monogamous relationship aren't that much bothered about MPB or looks in general.
    That's an odd thing to say. I'm a single guy looking for a monogamous meaningful relationship and I care.

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    Girlfriend, let me first say that your boyfriend is a very lucky man! I love to see posts like this and in my experience your attitude concerning hair loss is far more common than some participants in this community care to believe.

    Simply by letting your boyfriend know how you feel about him, while acknowledging the pain that he is going through will help him more than you can imagine.

    For most men, hair loss is a defining moment in their lives, and for some it can be crippling. However, it is far from a death sentence and most find ways to cope and learn to live happy, successful lives.

    I want to thank you for your contribution to this community. This thread will help many young men who fear that they will be forced to live less fulfilling lives and face imminent rejection from attractive women simply because of their hair loss. This thread will also serve as a catalyst for change for this community, which was developed to serve as a support group and not a place of hatred and discouragement.

    We all develop a perception of our "place" in this world that is usually based on our early life experiences. We develop a sense of whether we feel adequate, competent and even lovable pretty early one in our lives. For those who view themselves negatively, the first stages of hair loss can have a much more profound impact on their self worth than it might have on a person who had an early sense that they fit in well in this world.

    It makes me very sad to read some of what is written by an extremely small minority who participate on this forum. They may have allowed this mindset to destroy to their own lives, but is is not fair to others who come here for support to allow this type of thinking to further permeate this forum.

    While we have all felt inadequate at various times in our lives, and hair loss can certainly effect the most confident among us, this is not a platform to project self loathing and hatred, and this is not a place to attempt to destroy the self worth of others.

    I will be posting an updated set of rules and policies for this message forum. All posts that do not fit within the parameters of these guidelines will no longer be hosted on BTT. Members who ignore these policies will have their accounts put into moderation.

    I want to thank you again Girlfriend for starting this thread. It will help more young men than you realize. Your posts are testimony to the fact that hair loss does not take you out of the game, and that there are plenty of really good people left in the world.

    Thank you!

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    Actually, Winston, I'd like to thank all of you for your help. Because these forums helped me a lot with looking at the whole thing from a different perspective. It would have been easy for me to just walk up to him and say, "it's just hair. Get over it", but because of all of the info you all shared here, I now know it goes way deeper than that. It's really not a matter of whether or not I accept him as he is, it's really about his acceptance of himself, as Morbo mentioned. I just want to make sure I help him as I much as I'm able to.

    PS. dex89, thank you for your tips! I'd just like to mention I'm not looking for him to "wife me up", haha... I'm not thinking about trapping him into marrying me, it's just hurtful to see someone you like so much struggle with something you can hardly help them with... (But marriage, yeah, I hope it's somewhere in our future! )

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    honestly, we need a moderator who squashes the negativity. it'll have to be a forum nazi but seriously, shut the **** up some of you insecure little boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger norwood's View Post
    Good to hear, that you are confident about your hair loss and that you found a woman the likes you for who you am. It is not everybody who are equipped to deal with hair loss that way, and that is why we have a forum like this to help each other cope with it.
    He's also self-reported that he's married and has children. Why he thinks his hair status is even remotely comparable to a young, single guy is so asinine it makes my brain hurt.

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