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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
    Coupled with my cycling and a change of diet, Im hopeful of results. Your input has been genuinely welcomed (in terms of buzzing/shaving) and now this.

    Thank You Very Much.
    Being stress free and sleeping well is also important for weight loss.

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    I think your diet plan is quite good. It also seems good that you are cycling 8 miles in a day. But i think you need to spend in gym one hour at least three days in a week.

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    Along with them we should focus on intake of calories rather than these things because we want to burn excessive fat which is stored in the form of fat through our food.

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    i am skinny, but have some belly fat, its kinda annoying, what can be done for that? exercise focusiing on the abs?

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    I can't do without my Pilates stretches every morning and try to stay in shape by taking regular walks or bike rides. I eat well but never seen to budge my belly fat too! Would also find any exercise recommendations that would strengthen and tighten my abs helpful too.

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    A diet plan really healthy for good health-
    1 - weetbix x 6, 300ml milk, tbsp brown sugar
    2 - apple, 100g stew / mince meat, water
    3 - 1/2 bbq chicken, peas and carrots, mash potatoe x 1, gravy, water
    4 - 100g apricot chicken, mixed veg, water
    5 - 30g whey in water, rice bubbles, 300ml milk, tbsp brown sugar
    6 - beef burger, mixed veg, water
    7 - fish, 200g yoghurt, water

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