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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromUK View Post
    I am taking anything between approximately 0.2mg to 0.7mg every 2 to 5 days.

    I would say on average I am taking 0.3 or 0.4 of a 1mg tablet every 3 days.

    Sometimes if I take too much I feel a little bit of sides creeping in so I then reduce my dosage and leave a few extra days in between taking it again.

    This probably all sounds a bit crazy to anyone who doesn't get sides, but for someone like me who has experienced very real sides in the past, I think this is a great way to take the drug. It is all about experimenting with extremely low dosages of the drug spaced out numerous days in between, and then getting a feel for what your body can handle.
    So the best way is to bite little bits of the tablet there is no other way to cut the pill in eight peices ? I best I could do was 4 with a cutter maybe 5

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    Yeah when I started on it I bit tiny bits of the corner and then didn't take any again for several days.

    See how you feel after 3 or 4 days and then bite another tiny bit off the corner.

    Keep doing this for a few weeks or months until you get an idea as to how much of it your body can tolerate.

    If you take too much and notice some sides then don't take any again until the sides start going away, and then go back in with a lower dose.

    This will benefit your hair

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    Hmm I had the impression it only stays in your system for less than a day. Wouldn't it be better (although impractical) to take an even tinier dose every day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearTheLoss View Post
    As the title says I'm dropping propecia after trying to fight sides for 2 months...and I'm starting topical spiro...any advice or suggestions?
    If you got side effects from Finasteride, it is a very safe bet that you are going get side effects from Spiro - in any form. Men should not even touch Spiro in any form - unless their lives depend on it.

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    I use topical spiro. I honestly can't tell you anything completely positive. I believe I lost ground on it when I used it solely with minox for a few months. This is actually what prompted me to get on fin and now duta. I have seen a few success stories though. Can't really hurt though, but it is pretty much the weakest topical DHT inhibitor from what I've read. You may want to look into experimentals.

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