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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
    Please do, I'd love to hear other tales, views etc. Hopefully a positive one. In all fairness, it's the group of people Im with, they're in their early 20s, still act like their 15. Still live in the same town, at home etc. Sigh I gotta move somewhere else :P
    Still short on time so here is short version:

    My main point is I want to overcome being insecure about comments, the contest etc. The problem is really me, not them. I did get rude comments, but that was really a long time ago (more on that later when I have the time).

    Now I get more like what you are saying. Comments without any ill intent, but they still bug me. Sometimes they are even well meaning: For instance I played match maker to 2 friends and they have been together now for a long time.
    He actually appeared much younger than her till he started going bald in his late 30's. He never would take any meds. Well this girl is not a Dr. but does have a med degree and thinks she knows a LOT about mpb and keeps nudging me to get on propecia before mpb can creep up on me. It's a long story and I am short on time, but even though she means well, it is still embarrassing to me. In so many words, she thinks I will never go bald if I use it, but otherwise I will slowly get horseshoed without it. Hearing this should not bother me but it does. So am I being overly sensitive or what?

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