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    if any is serious about restoring a hairline please listen to me AND NOT tracy! hairline treatments ru, cb-03-01, saba gel, pres proxiphen, capillgain, vpa, lipgaine. i use all of the above!

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    Alright folks, I get it.

    Tracy thinks anything approved by the FDA is absolutely fine, safe and works and anything that isn't is dangerous and you shouldn't use it.

    Both of these things are untrue and THIS THREAD is not about them, it's about revivogen as a topical DHT blocker.
    So please, take your pissing and moaning elsewhere.

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    All you blokes picking on Tracy, leave it...everyone's entitled to an opinion.
    If you’re worried about not being able to pick up women due to Hair loss, your pretty f**ked if you can speak to a woman like that.

    Grow up.

    Work as a team to help each other out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cob984 View Post
    why? you providing them with 'favors'? na probably too ugly. why do you spam everywhere, just go away already
    this is a mens hairloss discussion. To top it off you are a flaming nutter claiming the laser comb is great but RU and spiro are unscientific

    The fact that you have almost 3000 posts in 1.5 yrs shows you are either very lonely or jobless or both, and you basically spam every ****ing topic, and thats harmful to men seeking legit info
    Ganging up on a woman. Weak C*nt.

    You may disagree with her statements and Tracy may be a bit one sided, but really mate..take a step back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmyhairs View Post
    So my current regime is minox for growth/thickness/some retention and a keto shampoo (revita) twice a week as what I believe is a mild androgen blocker for the scalp.

    But I really want to add another topical that deals directly with the DHT, so far the only one I've come across that it's some weird experimental thing with a name that consists mostly of random numbers is Revivogen.

    Has anyone used it Revivogen?
    Is it any good?
    Did you get results from it?
    Is it snake oil?
    Anyway back on topic! I use Nizoral and an Australian version of Revivogen, i've had a lot of lock minimizing hairloss , my hair's growing a lot thicker and looks great.

    Everyone's skeptical on it, my hair looks aesthetically great. So i'm happy for that for now, until a treatment comes out which doesn't ruin your sex life.

    Refuse to touch propecia ever again.

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