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    Default Saw palmetto dosage

    quick question.

    Is 125mg daily of Saw Palmetto Extract enough? Is there a recommended dosage. I do believe there is a dosage distinction between 'extract' and non.


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    If you intend to try to use Saw Palmetto to try to arrest your hair loss, you need to go with a Saw Palmetto "complex", not straight Saw Palmetto. A good quality Saw Palmetto complex can be purchased at your local pharmacy. It will have the word "COMPLEX" on the label. Follow the dose recommendations on the bottle.

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    I checked cvs store. Couldn't find any. Do you the brand name? Thanks Tracy

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    Any brand as long as it includes some of the following ingredients: Beta-Sitosterol, Bearberry Extract, Pygeum, Zinc, Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    Just for the record, I tried this method for nearly 6 months and shed the entire time so I don't believe it will ever be effective. I've since dropped it.

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