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    [QUOTE=Breaking Bald;100004]Bleh...I Really like her, she likes me too. I'm worried what happens when she finds out that I am balding. What to do!! What do I do???

    1. Grow a pair and stop letting your hair... run your life.

    2. Do nothing... and if she says anything... just say... "ya, and so'?

    3. If it bothers her... find another one.

    "****ing mpb man 'destroyer of normal life'. I hate this shit! Why can't I just have a normal life!"

    YOU are stopping yourself from having a normal life!

    Maybe it's not your hair? Maybe, it's just your attitude?

    I started going bald at 16. Tried to hide it, and at 30... gave up and shaved it. Now, at 52... I shave or don't shave if I feel like it. I am an N6. And... I don't give a ****. Being bald never stopped me from getting a job, a partner, or sex... EVER!

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