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    Default cutting proscar bit of a nuisance!!

    i know its only cutting a pill, its not the actual effort but its the tablet itself! i cut it into 4s because impossible to get 5s, anyway im thinking about buying a pill cutter. going on proscar has saved me afortune over propecia, im using butter knife andits sharp enough but i dont want to use any other type as il make a mess of the tablet.

    i store the tabs back in the packaging, i hope their not losing their effectivness by being cut and left for days.

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    I spent $6 on a pill cutter at Walgreens. It was a great investment. It's really easy to cut finasteride into quarters with it and it only took me 15-20 minutes to cut 30 pills and I was going slowly as to try and evenly cut the pills.

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    Hey man,

    It's easier than you think .

    I made a video below :

    Vist my website : SPEXHAIR

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