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    Default Applying Rogaine after a workout

    Lately ive been working out after getting home from work and applying rogaine after question is does anyone know if applying rogaine to a sweaty scalp decrease its effectiveness?

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    u can first wash the area of ur hair where u apply minox

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    not that its anyones concern but my own, i am a cleanly person...but I have eczema, so im not supposed to shower twice in a day. I get in the shower after working out anyways and rinse off but not my hair. my scalp is pretty sensitive to itching/shedding especially in the winter.

    Frankly I hate getting my hair wet regardless, i seem to shed mostly when my hair is wet...i.e. washing it in shower, drying it, combing it when damp. I would rather subject myself to shedding 50-80 hairs just from rinsing my hair once a day rather than twice. note, that is not total shed per day, its just from rinsing/drying off once.

    thus the question.

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