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    Age 19 can't come fast enough. Can't do it now it will destroy my endocrinesystem......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breaking Bald View Post
    Well it is buzzed now, but like a grade 4 on top and 3 on the sides. I can't really grow it out anymore or it will look like crap.

    But I also shaved it down to the skin practically and I hated it after a few days. Was a very painful couple of months waiting for it to grow back, but hey at least I tried to accept the bald look. Won't be doing that again anytime soon though. I'd rather just keep it short and use concealer to cover my thinning crown.

    As always I am hoping better stuff will be available soon!! and that my hair won't progress too much more
    As tough as this might sound, hate it or not, you got to buzz it right down again and you have to discipline yourself to stick with it for a month, keep buzzing it every week don't let it grow out, learn to see yourself with the buzz cut, that loss will progress its not going to stop by itself.
    Sometimes people do it, hate it and grow it back out before they get a chance to become accustomed to it and you're back to square one. As soon as you start getting used to it, that's when you start to feel better. If you want my advice I'd lose the concealer, they don't look good and you don't want to be walking around known as the guy who paints his head it'll just make you look insecure and this I tell you because someone at my work does it and he doesn't realize it but people know. I'd rather be the guy who shaves his head rather than the guy who paints it you know what I mean?

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    I get what you're saying Kayman, but I don't think I can accept it. I know I might get used to it if I tried for longer but it makes me look so much older. I want to look my age. I'd rather paint my scalp, it honestly is not noticeable at all trust me. I have enough hair for it to stick to.

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