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    Started to use Proscar days ago and I seem to be experiencing chest pains, Stomach Pains and testicular aches. I cannot be certain if I'm over exaggerating this because I know about the possible side effects to the drug. I am at an advanced stage of hairloss on the crown and the frontal area so I feel that I must continue use. Would I be able to adapt?

    I am also having problems cutting the Proscar pill. Seems to look easy on Youtube videos, I've tried and feel I have cut them inaccurately, originally expecting to cut into fifths, I ended up with fourths. Some smaller than others. Is this a problem?

    I also planned to introduce Regaine next week but only plan to use it once per day. Would that be fine?

    I need to try and put fear at ease. It's just tough when there's a risk of permanent damage.

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