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    The ten year wait thing is all that's really odd about this. Normally these types are glued to the alter at 20.
    If this type of relationship were universally practiced, we'd wipe out STD's in about two generations, so I'm not necessarily knocking it....that being said, I wouldn't be hanging around for a decade to get laid.
    I fully expect your buddy to break the news about his bit on the side during your next heart to heart.

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    The dude is probably lying.

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    That is a perfect girl, as she would be loyal to her husband and wouldn't think about cheating like most of the other women. Its a fault of the western society to allow too much sexual freedom to women. Such freedom only favors women, as it is very easy for women to get sex with whomever they want, while men are stuck in an endless competition, wasting their time in chasing sluts. I bet women wouldn't be very happy if the same kind of sexual freedom was given to men, in the form of prostitution!

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    i wish my sister in law was a bit of a slut. but she was a virgin before marriage and is happily married 15 years on

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