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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    Dr Grant Koher (offices in Raleigh and High Point, NC) did my procedure. I went to other facilities with national recognition (names withheld), but I chose Dr Koher because I felt comfortable with him. Of the 3 practices I interviewed, none of the physicians met with me - except for him. He took the time to meet with me during each of my "investigation visits".

    After the procedure, he gave me a card with his cell and house phone number and was insistent that I call if I have any question or problem. Heck - I think he would have made a house call if I asked him to! He seemed to be very sincere and compassionate. During the procedure, he constantly inquired if I was comfortable or feeling any pain.

    But - regarding your Florida trip. We had a family beach vacation planned next week...we cancelled. Actually, my wife cancelled. I am quite certain I would not have enjoyed the trip because I would not be able to "go to the beach" and enjoy it. Oh - I guess I could just wear a hat, but I don't think the heat would feel good, plus, I am still healing. I would rather not get "hot and sweaty".

    I'll try to upload a photo timeline. I'm keeping a written journal and a photo journal of the progress. Its only been 5 days, but you can see some progress. The "donor area" is very neat and the top of my scalp is not as red as it was.
    Hi just saw your other post saying which doc, sounds good, tks for view on holiday, it will be interesting to read how improve, I am no expert but reading all the forums it seems your doing fine and its all normal, nice almost invisable scar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ainslie View Post
    How long does the itch last and how bad is it, interested to read you comment on swelling , you say IF it happnens, does that mean it doesnt always?
    There are many factors that can contirbute as to whether or not facial swelling post-op can occur. Here's some considerations.

    First and foremost alot depends on how many recipeint incisions are being done and where they are located. So if the patient is having a new hairline constructed, there are going to be many incisions involved. And the best docs make those recipient incisions very small and as least invaisve as possible without compromising the integrity if the graft. The best docs have their techs cut the grafts "to size" meaning to the precision of the slit created.

    Still, if several thousand sites are created near the forehead, some level of trauma will be induced. In addition, the injections of fluids to the surface area promote further trauma. The fuild has to go somewhere so gravity pulls it into the forehead. Very few patients have it go any lower although I have received a few pics over the years where some wound up with blackened eyes. Eye brow cases and eyelash cases too.

    Some patients are prone to swelling, others not as much. Many HT doctors prescribe the steroid Prednisone and it is usually a ween down approach. Some also advocate using ice packs post-op.

    If the patient is having work done in the mid-scalp and/or vertex, the facial swelling IMO should not be an issue.
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    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. James Harris, Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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    Default Healing post transplant

    Scotty- Sounds like you are doing well with your recovery. What I typically tell patients is that for the first 4 to 7 days (a bit longer with gray hair) there will be visible crusting that, unless you have surrounding hair, will be visible. A big point of debate amongst hair transplant surgeons is how important it is to shave the scalp- but I won't go into that, other than to say I am from the camp that does not feel it necessary to shave the scalp.
    At 8 days or so, I strongly encourage patients to start rubbing their scalp to get the crusts off- but this is something that you need to discuss with your surgeon.
    Best of luck.

    Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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    Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
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