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    Default 82M - My Experience

    Hello everyone. The short version is that I am 35 years old and I just started using 82M about 4 months ago and my results have been really good. Hair loss has stopped and I feel there has been some thickening.

    My History
    I started losing my hair at the age of 21. Began rogaine and propecia at the age of 25. Had a small hair transplant in my temple region at the age of 28 (600 grafts, strip, Dr. True). I am fortunate that my hairloss has been slow (but steady). Four months ago, I would have considered myself a NW2 with some diffuse thinning. A strong NW2 if I had not had the transplant. My crown is stable.

    What I Have Tried
    I have tried a lot of different things - supplements, dutas, topicals, etc. Proscar has definitely helped, though I feel I do have some mild side effects (which always go away when I go off the drug). I have been on Proscar (1/4 tab per day) for about 10 years. I have also used some form of minoxidil for 10 years. The ******* 15 plus also seemed to work the best for me - I was very disappointed when it was pulled from the market.

    After using standard 5% minoxidil for a few years (after the ******* was pulled) I felt I was losing some ground at a faster rate. I heard Dr. Bauman mention 82M a few times on the show. I scheduled a phone consultation and he provided me with a prescription. Though I was a little skeptical, results were apparent very quickly. My hair loss seemed to stop and within 6 weeks I noticed that my hair was easier to style (I didn't have to work as hard to cover up the thinning). I also started a pharmaceutical grade biotin product at the same time (also prescribed by Dr. Bauman). After 2 months, I discontinued Proscar and everything has still remained stable. I should note that Dr. Bauman did not recommend discontinuing Proscar.

    82M is applied twice 1ml per day and I use a dropper. It contains minoxidil, a product to help with the absorption of minoxidil (trentinoin) and a natural DHT inhibitor. Also, I believe it is an alcohol based solution so it is not greasy at all.

    Anyway, that should cover it. It is still early but everything has been very consistent. I can upload a photo but I it will just show a person with a decent head of hair. The before photos I sent to Dr. Bauman do not really capture the diffuse thinning, but it was definitely there.

    I have been reading through the hair loss sites for about 10 years and I routinely listen to all the Bald Truth via podcast. I only opened an account a few months ago because my ability to search the forums was limited without it. I have actually never blogged anything before but I felt like I needed to share my experience with everyone. Feel free to be skeptical - I understand as I have been reading through these sites for a long time and I know there is a lot of misinformation out there.

    Good luck everyone.

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    sounds awesome thanks for the info I'll look it up on google.

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    If you can, take some pictures now to be compared to the future. Obviously, they won't be true baselines, but may serve as the best available comparator in the absence of any true baselines pics.

    I should have prefaced with: I'm really interested in what this stuff.

    How much does it cost?

    Sounds like application is kind of a pain in the ass. True? You name dropped a specific doctor - I can't tell if that sketches me out or adds some amount of validity (but, who am I to judge anyways).

    Is it a totally proprietary mix by the doc?

    Thanks for sharing, regardless. I'll be checking this thread out in the future to see what else you share.

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    Sorry, but what is 82M? I don't understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clandestine View Post
    Sorry, but what is 82M? I don't understand.
    Try this.....


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    The link that was provided was correct.

    82M is a 5% minoxidil blend - not sure if it is proprietary or not.

    Dr. Bauman prescribed it - he is an IAHRS surgeon so he seems legit.

    Application is the same as any topical minoxidil product - it just dries faster and is not as greasy as other products I have used.

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    someone in another forum mentioned 82m, i did a google search and this thread came upp.

    looking back on it now this seems like such a shill post from a shill account

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    Just wondering if anyone is currently using this?

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