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    Default can I skip some of the placebo pills?

    I'm currently taking ortho tri-cyclen, which has 7 days of placebo pills. Would it be better for my hair if I only took 4 or 5 placebo pills and then move on to a new pack?

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    Default re: placebo pills

    You do not need to take the placebo pills in the ortho tri-cyclen pack. They are just made of sugar and filler. They should not effect your body or hair at all since they contain no hormones.

    I do not suggest moving on to the new pack early. You risk throwing off the balance of hormones in your body, and you also risk pregnancy. Either take one of the placebo pills daily, or throw one out each day until you've finished that pack. This will give your body a chance to ovulate, which is healthy and necessary. Then start the new pack on the eighth day even if you haven't ovulated. It is very important to take the first pill of the new pack on this day.

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